Court Case Unit

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I have included a list of court cases below.  The importance of this list is not the name of the case in and of itself but the rights that citizens enjoy as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in these cases. Students are to use the internet to make brief paragraph about each case in the format that is below:

Court Cases


 1. Tinker v Des Moines:

Case Summary:

Supreme Court Decision:

Students will have a matching quiz over these cases as well as a identify from hints quiz over these court cases and the rights they are associated with.

Information can be found in the index of the book as well as online.

Chapter 4: Federalism

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Chapter 4 will entail the combining of book material and outside reading material into one large outline.  The chapter in your book dealing with Federalism and an online packet that I have included will be the two main sources of information.  Please complete the following:

1. Read the entire chapter.

2. Read the entire packet.

3. Do those things before starting anything else.

4. Then complete the study guide by combining all information from the book and all information from the packet.

a. Website Information Packet:     ch-04-website-converted-to-outline2    Do not print off at school.  Only at home or detention.

b. Outline for Students to complete:  Ch 04 Federalism Study Guide Student Blank (You may print this off at school.)

c. You will also be quizzed over the following sections of the outline throughout the week:   Lists for Quizzes

5. This will be an independent study assignment and you will be given some time to work in class.

Chapter 3: Difficult Chapter

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Government Students:

Define the following words:

Ch 03 Vocab Matching List

You will need to complete this for homework and bring in the completed defined words by the deadline.

Quiz on these words will come on assigned date.


If you get done with the Ch 03 matching list you can begin working on the study guide.

Take your own notes on the book information.  There will be information from the book that is not from notes.

Chapter 2 Assignments

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Please complete the study guide below:

Use Google Drive and answer these questions formally.

This is U.S. History review material. We will have a quick test.



Chapter 1:

Read/Skim over each Section

Take some simple general notes for each major topic.  How are topics connected?

Ch 1 StudyGuide

Please complete the study guide on a separate sheet of paper, neat, labeled and ready for submission.  It is due the day prior to the test, in class at the beginning.

Semester Study Guide

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Semester Test Study Guide

This guide needs to be hand done by yourself.  It needs to be able to be turned in by the due date.

Items that you have on note cards do not need to be redone.

Please have this packet completely ready on the due date.


Billy Joel (Allentown My Access Writing Assignment)

General Requirements: (Specifics will be gone over in class)

1. Write a 5 paragraph essay comparing the city of Fairfield (or your own community) with the metaphor of Allentown.  NOT specifically items in the song but the overall metaphor.

A. Introduction:  General discussion about the changing life of cities…nothing specific about Fairfield, Allentown, or the song.

B. Thesis:  Select one side of the argument:  Fairfield IS similar to the Allentown metaphor or Fairfield is not like the Allentown metaphor.  This statement is the last sentence of your introduction.

C. First Body Paragraph:  Explanation one supporting your thesis…..ONLY ONE POINT CAN BE MADE WITH 3-4 SUPPORTING SENTENCES.

D. Second Body Paragraph: Explanation two supporting your thesis…..ONLY ONE POINT CAN BE MADE WITH 3-4 SUPPORTING SENTENCES.

E.  Third Body Paragraph:  Counter argument:  Select the other sides “best” argument against your point, state it in the paragraph and then explain why it is not a valid point/argument.

F. Conclusion:  General summary of your thesis…do not make any arguments, simply generic metaphor reference and summary of thesis.

Assignment Steps:

1. Read the My Access Prompt for the Allentown assignment.  Print off the prompt.

2. Locate the lyrics and print off a copy.  Read them twice….sing them once!

3. Read the internet interview with Billy Joel.  Print off the transcript.    (Billy Joel Interview..Web)

3B. Take a minimum of 1 page of notes from 3 sources about the meaning of Allentown….

4. Using the Venn Diagram (print off), label one circle Fairfield (or your community) and the other circle Allentown…..Put unique characteristics in the non overlapping and the similarities in the overlapping.  About 30 (10 minimum for each part of the venn diagram.

5. Each of the following will be on a separate sheet of paper clearly labeled with all pertinent information:  Name/Date/Assignment/Class/Teacher/Title of Assignment

a.  Outline your paper…YOu will select a thesis….2 major arguments……and a counter…..and put into a neat outline.  I. Introduction II. Argument 1 III. Argument 2  IV. Counter Argument  V. Conclusion

b.  Rough Draft….1.5 pages hand written (minimum)…You will have an ADULT outside of the school proofread your paper and write down changes that need to be made and sign their name.  Remember to have the note written by the parents in its entirety.

c. MyAccess entry….type into myaccess….MAKE ALL CHANGES THAT “MYEDITOR” TELLS YOU TO MAKE.  Print off final copy and bring to class to turn in at beginning of the period.  Write your overall holistic writing score on your printed off essay that you will turn in.

d. You will need a title page for the hardcopy you turn in.

Grading will be based largely on following the exact parameters of the assignment and the class explanation of criteria.

You will turn in your entire packet in order on the date due, beginning of class.

Billy Joel Rubric For Grading

Everfi Blog Post Assignment

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Due Date:  December 10th.

Proofread by adult over the age of 23.5.  A note that they have read and believe it is ready for submission.

Once it is done, signed, please give to me and I will ok for submission and you can submit at site below.



Chapter 4 Lists Practice

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I have linked to examples of what the LIST quizzes will be like.  Please fill these out and know this information for your quizzes.

Ch 04 Powers Matching Quiz

Federalism Types

Senior Timeline for Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Timeline:

Text Information:

  • Section 2-3  Monday and Tuesday, NOTES from me,  Parts of Class.
  • Vocab list due on Tuesday beginning of class.  Quiz will be on Wednesday.
  • Your own notes need to be done on Thursday at beginning of class.
  • Study Guide is due on Thursday.


  • Due:  Card pairs Tuesday at the beginning of class.
  • Amendment Tournament will be on Thursday.  YOu will not be able to play in this tournament unless your card pairs are perfectly done.

Billy Joel:

  • Everything, in order, up to rough draft for Thursday.
  • Be sure your packet, up to rough draft, is in perfect order, have it ready for my perusal on Thursday at the beginning of class.
  • Friday, all corrections must be made in MYACCESS and a final copy printed off, with Title Page attached.
  • Monday Chapter 3 Test, which will include Preamble, Articles of Constitution, and Amendments.

If you have any questions, please let me know.